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Mustafa Kemal Ataturk

Mustafa Kemal AtaturkMustafa Kemal, or best known in the world as Atatürk (Father of the Turks), is a national hero who saved the country after World War I and proclaimed the Republic in 1923. He was the founder of modern Turkey not only as a soldier but also as a statesman who cared the people and made several reforms to modernize the country in order to reach western civilizations, and he succeded of course.

Mustafa Kemal was born in Salonica (in Greece today) in 1881. After graduated from the military school as an officer, he emerged as a military hero at the Dardanelles and Gallipoli campaigns in 1915 and later became the leader of the Turkish national liberation war which took place between 1919-1922. After the Republic in 1923, he established a government and parliament, bringing democracy to the people.

As the first president of the Republic, he personally took care of the cultural and socio-political reforms, the Turkish language, modern laws, secular system, education, economic development, agricultural expansion, industrial and technological advances, womens rights, and so on.

Atatürk died in Istanbul on November 10th, 1938. His achievements are a legacy to the modern Turkey and he is considered a pioneer of national liberation. Today, his Mausoleum is in Ankara but his sprit is very much alive all around Turkey.

Like all other citizens of this country, we Turkish tour guides also follow his principles in our professional and personal lives.

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