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Who we are?

We are professional tour guides in Turkey who are licensed by the Ministry of Culture and Tourism according to the local law. Our professional aim is based on helping a foreign guest discover Turkey as you would with a trusted Turkish friend. Our main concern is to make our guests comfortable and pass them all the knowledge we have on our country in order to promote Turkey and gain another "goodwill ambassador" abroad.

This web site is created by a professional tour guide and purely intended for bridging people who are coming to Turkey as a tourist or a businessman directly with local licensed guides. In case you need any guiding services in Turkey, on private basis or for groups, please contact directly with one of our tour guides which you can choose from the menu on the left, once you enter into the appropriate language page.

How can we serve you?

We provide especially tour guiding services in Turkey through our extensive network of licensed tour guides who are our members on this web site. One of us can be your guide in Turkey escorting in the ancient sites, or maybe an interpreter during your business trip. As we're multilingual tour guides, you can communicate much better and interact with local people instead of just reading from your guide book and trying to figure out your way. Other than guiding, we can also help you arrange all of your travel needs in Turkey through official and reliable travel agents.

Why a private guide?

There are several reasons to hire a licensed private tour guide in Turkey:

We're confident about ourselves and are positive that your visit will satisfy you the most with a local tour guide. Don't miss this opportunity!

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