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Getting around at is easy. At the top of the screen, you'll see a navigation bar with a variety of choices: Home, Services, About us, Photos, and More & more. You should explore all the choices to learn about the information behind each of the buttons, they contain several links inside.

Navigation bar on top of the page

You can click Services button and read the information about some of the guiding services that we give. You can click on About us button to learn more about the Turkish tour guides. You can click on Photos button to watch great images from different parts of Turkey. You can click on More & more button which contains sections for external links, internal links, information on some areas of Turkey, and many other useful links.

On the top navigation bar, there are three more buttons with white icons on blue background. The first one is the Home page, the second one is to send us an e-mail. The last one is reserved for log-in of tour guides only and is in Turkish.

Choose your language & guide on the leftTo find a tour guide who speaks your language, you should look at the Languages menu on the left of the page. Here you can choose your prefered language and it will take you to a page where you'll see photos and names of the guides who speak your language. Just click on a photo so you can read that guide's Resume, and if you like his/her credentials then you can send a direct e-mail to him/her for planning your future visit to Turkey.

At the bottom of the page, there are more links such as Home, Terms of use, Privacy policy, and Sitemap. Well, Home is the home page of course. If you click on Terms of use link you can read the terms and conditions in order to use our web site. The Privacy policy link will tell you how important is your privacy for us when using our web site, we don't share your information with others. And finally if you click on Sitemap link you can see a navigational tree of our web pages so you can find every link of our web site in one page. There is also a Contact us link for e-mailing us your questions, suggestions or feedbacks.

More links at the bottom of the page

Images from Turkey on the leftWhile you're surfing on our website, on each page you can enjoy a random image from Turkey on the left hand side where it says Photo of the Day. This photo changes each time you visit or reload a page. You can find these images on their original size at the Photos section, just go to that page and click on the photo you desire, it will open in a new window.

Try it, and you'll see how quick and simple it is to use Turkish Tour Guides web site.

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