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Rock formations of CappadociaCappadocia is a unique territory in central Anatolia, in the south of Ankara. The unusual formations of this spectacular region have a long and interesting history since the Hittite period from which its name is coming from: Land of the Horses. Nowadays, these strong hittite horses are long gone but the conic mushroom formations have stayed.

These interesting earth formations are formed by the erosion of the nature and called as "Fairy chimneys" by the local people. They were inhabited by the early Christians who carved their churches and frescoes into the vulcanic tufo soil and built underground cities to escape the persecutions. All of these sites spread out in the vast valleys are open air museums today and offer a fantastic experience for the visitors. To get the most out of it, the best way to travel to Cappadocia is with a licensed tour guide.

One can also practice alternative sports or outdoor activities in this fairy valleys, such as hot air balloon flights, horseback riding, mountain biking, or trekking. Besides regular hotels, there are many special category boutique hotels which are carved into the rocks or built into the caves. This would be definately a "fairy experience".

Amongst the local art we can count the pottery and tiles, famous Turkish handmade carpets, onyx and local stone accessories.

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