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Here are some news and updates from Turkey.

Russian tourist boom to Antalya
In 2007 it's expected that nearly 2 million Russian tourists will have their holidays in Turkey, especially in the resort city of Antalya. Russian people love this city because of its scenic beauties and climate. Antalya is like a tourist magnet for Russian people.

Antalya, Beach Volley Center of Europe
European Volleyball Confederation (CEV) decided that "European Beach Volley Center" will be established in Antalya along the Mediterranean coast of Turkey. Many countries including Greece and France were candidates for the center, but Turkey has fulfilled natural conditions and sufficient infrastructure for the center. The decision will be declared to 55 countries during CEV Congress.

New excavations in Gaziantep
An American and German archaeologists team launched archaeological excavations to unearth an ancient city in southeastern province of Gaziantep's Islahiye town. Excavations in Zincirli Tumulus, an ancient Hittite site, are supported by Turkish Ministry of Culture and Tourism and University of Chicago.

Izmir is candidate for Expo 2015
The Aegean city of Izmir is the candidate for hosting the EXPO of 2015. If selected, this will be the first ever EXPO in Turkey. Since EXPOs are gathering people from all around the world and thus give a chance and a role to the hosting cities for a sustainable development, it's considered as a permanent prestige by that city.

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