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Frequently Asked Questions

Do you know what foreigners ask to Turkish Tour Guides during their visit to Turkey? Here are some examples of the frequently asked questions by tourists and our answers.

  • What language do you speak in Turkey?
    • Turkish of course.
  • Pointing an Arabic inscription in a mosque: What does it say?
    • I don't know because they don't teach Arabic in Turkey. We use latin alphabet though.
  • Can you have four wives?
    • No, we have monogamy in Turkey thanks to Ataturk.
  • Do you use camels in Turkey?
    • Only tourists use it, just to have their photo taken.
  • Do you wear Fez or Turban?
    • No, these are not Turkish traditions so Ataturk outlawed them.
  • Do you have deserts in Turkey?
    • No, we have arid areas but not any desert.
  • Can a Turk travel abroad?
    • Sure, if you have enough money.
  • Can women drive in Turkey?
    • Men and women have equal rights in Turkey. We even had a woman prime minister some years ago.
  • Are you Turkish? (especially if they see a light tan person)
    • Of course, not all the Turks have dark eyes or dark tan.
  • How are your prisons? Because I've watched the "Midnight Express".
    • There are not different from any jail around the world, it's not a holiday village of course. By the way, do you beleive all the movies you watch?
  • in Istanbul: How is life in Constantinople?
    • Well, that era ended in 1453. Now it's called Istanbul.

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